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When the weather turned up dry skin usually severely dry, chapped. Some people dry skin condition becomes severe, influencing health, activities. To improve the situation, note use of foods, drinking water, vitamin supplements tailored to overcome dry skin chapped winter cold.
The type of fruits

The type of fruits ONHOWS
Fruits such as apples, grapefruit, orange ... very good for skin dry season. The fruit is Apples contain vitamins good for your health and your skin. It also is providing nutrients that help the body decompose the excess fat.
Grapefruit has a healing effect and beauty of the skin. Cloves in the grapefruit contain a copious amount of vitamin A and C, increased resistance.
Provide adequate nourishment to the skin daily with food help you no longer worries with dry skin chappy. You can be confident with shiny smooth skin without losing time to the cosmetic skin care product search.

3. The drinks are good for dry skin

Do not speak too when water is the No. 1 important drink for you have dry skin.
Given standard is 1.5-2 l of water per day. Providing adequate water for the body will make your skin soft, not dry and help the body discharges toxins, thereby limiting the formation of acne.

Lemon juice, honey

Lemon juice, honey ONHOWS
Lemon and honey are two foods that are very familiar to the women in beauty. They have effects against many health problems thanks to the anti-microbial properties, antioxidant, and anti-virus. Honey lemon juice will help you detoxify, and acne.
Lemon juice and honey have antibacterial effects great for dry skin
So with these you have dry skin, use lemon juice and honey every day will help you to reduce your fears away worry gets acne and help smooth over the skin.

Fruit smoothies

 Fruit smoothies ONHOWS
Contains a lot of vitamin C, E, D ... Fruit Smoothie not only helps you to beautiful skin but also very good for health. The special Smoothie type is preferred in tropical countries such as in Vietnam to help the skin of women health beauty and more toned. With such an abundant source of vitamins, vitamins are extremely good for dry skin.

4. Good vitamins for dry skin
Vitamin A

Vitamin A ONHOWS
Many studies show that when vitamin A deficiency, the body's skin surface will become dry Assembly, peeling, rust. Note that vitamin A is fat soluble vitamins. So you don't forget to complement these healthy fats help absorb this vitamin in the best way.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats ONHOWS
Omega-3 fats, 6 needed to hold moisture for the skin, creating barriers to keep water helps skin, moist. Don't worry because the healthy fats will not make you gain weight.

Vitamins group B

 Vitamins group B ONHOWS
It is an important vitamin that helps your skin smooth stretch, anti-aging. Deficiency of B vitamins can cause dry strongly stain human skin.

Vitamin C

 Vitamin C ONHOWS
Directly involved in the process to produce the body's natural collagen. Collagen plays an important role in the formation of the network hold water as moisture from deep within the skin.

Vitamin E

 Vitamin E
Helps protect skin from the attack of free radicals and helps regenerate the skin smooth, soft surface against the Assembly.

Note that you should eat a way of moderation, not an abuse of vitamins. But to get a smooth soft skin, dusky moist you don't ever forget the most important factor is your skin need collagen to push back strongly stain human dry and prevent wrinkles.

However, collagen contained in foods such as beef, pork skin, chicken wings, pork Hock has too much fat cause weight gain and risk of potential harm to health. Thus, at the age of 25 onwards, experts recommend that you provide additional products with collagen to push back strongly stain human skin dryness.

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