Useful tips when traveling

Using the USB port on the side of the TV to charge your phone or use the website quotes before buying plane tickets are also some things you should keep in mind.
During the trip, many people often make mistake: carry too much unnecessary and omitted things. Here are some recipes for little visitors can consult your trip.

Using the TV’s USB port to charge the phone
Many people often find it difficult to treat because the socket in his hotel room only for plug two feet, while plug your phone charger is three feet. In such situations, watch TV in the hotel room. Most TVs are designed with a USB port on the side. You can use this port to charge the phone on in case of forgotten chargers or charging plug does not fit the wall socket.
Using the USB port on the side of the TV to the phone charger is also a good way.

Bring a multi-plug
Phone is one of the haunting of visitors and phone charger is always essential for many people. As a precaution hotel TV without a USB port, you should bring a multi-plug for easy use of the hotel’s power outlet.
You can buy the many uses socket at the airport.

Capture the map guide screen
In case you are afraid of getting lost, but where you come back no wifi government, make screen-image map directions so you can self-control during their journey.

Check ticket prices
If you wish to travel to many cities, check ticket prices and flight to a city, airline tickets cheaper alternative. Sites like Kayak or Skyscaner always help you do this very well.
Look at the fare on the online site is a little tip to save you when traveling.

Beware of luggage carrying
And nothing better than when you buy cheap tickets for the route Dublin – Copenhagen for $ 50. But as to the airport, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to pay for your luggage weight. So if you have too many items when moving, notice of the purchase of airline tickets airline allows you to carry up to 20 kg without any additional charge.

Please check carefully the premises they would visit, on rules of how to properly tip. In some countries, tip the unwritten rule but also places such as Japan, South Korea, this is not necessary.

Control data acquisition device
Many tourists travel regularly kept up online or read newspapers, watch movies, listen to music downloaded online in his spare time. Pay attention to where you’re buying capacity of the network. Many people had to pay a huge bill for using too much network. So check regularly that you use space on the phone to restrict pay.

Limit withdrawals at ATM
Using your debit card abroad have an advantage: you’ll be buying the currency of their place come cheaply from banks rather than money changers from the airport or other place of foreign currency exchange. However when withdrawing cash at ATMs, travelers will be bank transaction fee. So let’s limit the number of withdrawals in the “tree” of this ATM. Before traveling, estimate how much you should spend and only a single draw.

Notify the bank before traveling
Many banks have frozen your account when it detects activity overseas withdrawals. They do so in part because security for customers and suspect your card has been ‘hacked’. Before traveling, please inform the bank where you use your debit card so you can comfortably “swipe” card at their place of travel.
Also should check your bank’s ATM card is used will be free trading at the plant of the bank teller else. ATM withdrawals at the “alliance” so, you can save quite a lot of transaction costs.

Leveraging youth
Many countries around the world have discount policy (ticket to the museum, subway ticket …) for pupils, students and young people under 25 years old. Please check carefully the place you come to be this good deals.

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