Turn your old window frames into an impressive decoration

The old window frames were flaking paint or glass though no coral glass can still be turned into some  beautiful home decoration!
Although there are no windows or glass doors, the windows, vintage still can use to create a home decor items is extremely great for your living space. The following examples will be extremely interesting suggestions for you!
The old window units can become the perfect bedside table with faded paint rustic character that create no less stylish. You can install additional tiny shelf to display ornaments.
Or simply join several small window on the wall and then into a large bedside table.
Corners decorated with painted windows alternating checkerboard shape also quite unique and attractive for your living room corner.
The maps were hung on the wall a monotonous way to your home, so why not try it framed by old window frame?
No need to have your paintings are art corners, just hanging window frames with multiple dimensions on the wall, you can also have a wall of art.
The old window frame with a few simple printed picture, add timepiece vintage, antique typewriter, you had characterized the corner vintage.
With an old window frame with the glass, you can create a fairy garden small indoor decor looks adorable as this.
No need to buy or make the tree hanging hook, you can have an extremely creative hook from the old window frame by screwing a few pegs on the wooden frame of the window, then the new coat of paint the window looks brighter. Hang it in the hallway out into the corner, you have no place extremely rational mechanical toys that simple.
Corner fireplace decorated with arched windows were old, you can put it on the kitchen counter heating, the two sides more decorated candles and greenery, and in the window can hang up the wreath and then, Corner Heating your home kitchen will become extremely novel.
Although you can see the message boards are placed in the living room, but depending on your needs you can use to put it in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room or in the hallway as you like.
Family photographs record moments and memorable events of your family can be framed by old window frames hanging on the wall somehow. To corner frame from becoming too monotonous, you can create a container, dried flowers planted inside frames to add lovely.
An old window frames can play more leg and recycled into the water table is extremely lovely.
Or if you want to call processing open shelf in the cabinet room wing is also not a bad idea.
With her favorite accessories and jewellery, then the window can turn into Pylons coral jewelry in a neat and tidy.
Window frame hung on the wall area coffee table. The chassis utilized inside corner layout made with few family photos, greeting cards, and dried flowers. Underneath the window frame fitted with hooks for hanging extra cup of coffee.

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