Tips for particular diet while traveling

Those with vegetarian diet, low in sugar or low carb, gluten sensitive to note that certain required to ensure health while traveling.
During the trip, the difficulty for people whose diets are carefully selected to bring the food. This will help them always full of energy throughout the journey. Below are some notes for certain diet when traveling.

For vegetarians
Compared to other diets, vegetarians often easier to find food. However, to ensure the health of each trip, you should prepare food like salted shredded dried mushrooms, sesame … These dishes will make your meal more richer and provide enough energy for you.

Low carb eaters
Low carb diets are completely removed carbohydrate foods but comfortable with all kinds of food rich in protein and fat. The food group to abstain as rice, bread, pastries, potatoes, nuts such as sesame, cashew, beans, nuts, berries, snack …
Food should bring: wire cheese, boiled eggs, dried beef, sausage, lemon, brown rice.
Note: You can eat whenever hungry.

People with intestinal or stomach diseases
People with intestinal diseases and stomach should prevent spices like pepper, chilli, vegetables cause flatulence as cabbage, cauliflower, fried foods … In addition, prevent frozen food, high-acid foods such as pickles, kimchi, coffee, refined sugar, canned food … is a smart choice.
Food should bring: Bread crackers, sticky toys, tapioca. You can also bring more ginger, cumin seeds, mint tea. These are foods that help you against stomach pain.
Note: Do not overfeed, chew and swallow slowly.

People with diabetes
The basic principle of the diabetic patients is limited to avoid carbohydrates raise blood sugar after eating. Also need to limit fats, especially saturated fatty acids. So this diet usually provides enough stability for the necessary amount of sugar. These foods should be avoided as fry, eat moderately fat, less sugar, full of vitamins, minerals and limit alcohol intake.
Food should bring: The coarse grains, milk. You can add vegetables at the point of eating on the go.
Note: Before going to bed should be used as a feed additive milk box or a slice of watermelon …

People sensitive to gluten (celiac disease)
People with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease who are allergic to the protein (gluten) in rye, oats and milk. If the use of products containing gluten generates immune system diseases and cancer risk than blood. Therefore the products you need absolute abstinence is bread, cakes, gluten-free products in composition.
Food should bring: Potatoes, corn, canned meat, sausage, sausage … At the point of travel on the road to eat, you can eat more fruits, vegetables, rice, soybeans …
Note: Although there are many foods you are allowed to use but should still check the label. There are different types of components are still rather gluten.

For dieters restrict fat
Dietary fat restriction is usually reserved for people with diseases of the liver, bile, hypertension. So common is the diet foods rich in protein, sugar, and green vegetables. The food must abstain from fried foods, sauces high in fat, egg yolk, animal offal, seafood, eggs, fish, oils and fats added, alcoholic drinks containing refined sugar, meat and processed cheese …
Food should bring: The whole grain cereals like (oats, brown rice, black sesame ..), skim milk without sugar, fruit and vegetables.
Note: Do not eat dinner too late with the food rich in protein.

For dieters restrict calorie
This mode is usually applied many people lose weight. Features of this method is to eat fewer calories and burn more calories than the consumption during the day. Therefore you should limit fried foods, fats, oils, additional sugar, gravies, sauces …
Food should bring: Popcorn salt, cereals, skimmed milk, cucumber. Why has the market stops you can buy more kinds of fruit and yogurt.

For sodium control eaters
Controlled sodium diet usually reserved for those with high blood pressure, congestive heart sung, cirrhosis, kidney and heart … With this diet, you should avoid foods that use glutamate, salt , garlic, onions, celery, some processed foods like broth concentrates member, gravy, sauces, stew juices members …
Food should bring: Cereals shell, carrots, coconut, milk, fresh cheese, eggs (you can pre-boiled),
Note: During the long voyage to cook outside, you should take herbs or spices instead of salt and seasoning to flavor the dish.

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