Home Chores And Decor part 1

Home chores can feel like drudging tasks.  Free time to relax and lay back, but chores keep tapping on your mind. Even if you dose off the taps get splurged until your final step up and motion ahead. Where to start? Dirty dishes in the sink, the garage tug o war or should you rather plunge into the pool and get a cold refreshment. Wait, the fridge is a disorder and no clean tumbler  to pour out a drink.  Rumblings in your stomach may start soon. You could get a takeaway I guess ,but a budget for that ran out with your DSTV subscription. So clear out the dishes. A fresh awakening to a new day to resume with the morning. After the tummy has been calmed and ready to join in on the household chore mission,get ready to start in the garage.
Garage grooming ranks high on chore lists ,tackle it with diarizing the date.Make a monthly garage day. Cleaning is about clearing. So get all the clutter out.Things not used for over two years probably can go into the junk box. And eventually, you will have your tool box, your equipment,garbage and the junk that will eventually combine with garbage.

Home Chores And Decor
Make sure the car can fit in after all is clean and organized. Use wall hooks to get as much as you can to depart the floor base. Shelves can add to the function. Add some color décor to map up garage ingredients.
Next venture to the backyard. Time to give the outdoor furnishing a tad of care, to make them stick around for years and stand by you. Clean hammocks and cushions and store away from the porch or in the garage. Otherwise get waterproof covers to stand up against and be protected in times of rough weather. Granite pieces withstand elements but the cast and marble or manufactures stones need protection
The home office full of vacation photos in digital mode could do with the printing of most memorable ones. Turn your keyboard to shake off the crumbs and dust out monitors with cleaning cloths for the eyeglass  or dryer sheet.
Next how to tackle anyone’s at-home workspace. Dust computer monitors with electronic wipes, eyeglass cleaning cloth or even a used dryer sheet. Moving to wallet matters, clean out the purse .Receipts and cards should be shelved and filed away.
Back to the outdoors ,get to the garden  preparation of the lawn and get  it ready for season dues. Plant bulbs, rake leaves and place fertilizer ,pest control to protect your plantations.
Now the kitchen. Get ready to prepare for cooking and entertaining flair . Swap out pastel towels for the dishes, get new potholders . Organize the pantry and get ready to comfort food preparation. Invest in a griller for grilled delicacies. Shelves in the kitchen need to be organized for all you need in your reach and make sure you are ready for the food season ahead of time