Tips of 6 select dishes when first dating

In the first encounter, the two of you can choose European dishes such as steak, pasta or Asian compact sized like sushi, dim sum.

Dating for the first time has very important meaning to the couple. That day, the quality of the dish is not too important by it have “cause confusion” with stomach or it has haunted the smell or not. Impressive encounter had important implications for the relationship, in the long run, therefore, before the scheduled date, you can refer to a number of dishes quite safe under the line:

The beef steak

Together enjoy steak baked steak sizzling sides shimmering candlelight and wine glasses seemingly idyllic is the perfect choice for all your mistress dating is not the first encounter. Map of the West, in general, are enjoying quite a romance with a knife, not many in number, should create a feeling of the bar scene but pretty much protein should you will not worry about being hungry after dinner with him.

Beef steak prepared with not many spices, is a familiar dish so you can be assured that it will not “home”. If any stomach problems, you can tell the dress make thoroughly before carry out to have a steak fit for both.


Like the steak, pasta is also one of the European food is served in the elegant restaurant, chic should be able to feel the most comfortable for couples.

When dining, guests will enjoy taking the plate to grab light whirlpool oven takes up the mouth. Doing this makes wheat not crashed out when eating, worry that would create the elegant and charming while eating. For a meal, it is taboo, dating for the main job, Ian, United Kingdom or on dirty sticky clothes. If select pasta, you can somewhat to prevent this risk.

There are quite a lot of choices for the customers, so you are also not worried that you’re dieting or worry about fat or its taste does not match with the guy.


Sushi rolls, small is also one of the top priorities. The majority of the Japanese restaurant has a cozy but fairly private, not noisy should be appropriate for the two lovers together to chat.

In the menu, then maybe sushi is suitable for most couples. Tiny sushi pieces have just the mouth, are also difficult to fasten coil that United Kingdom, Ian, cause trouble for you during the meal. Moreover, the main ingredients of the sushi rice are so pretty no belly for you. When eaten sushi ginger pickle also has to make sure that your stomach has to be protected before the live food has in roll pieces.

However, if there are major problems with the stomach then you should also consider before calling this dish.


Also similar to the reason of the sushi, the food pieces in the set are the small sized dim sum, to fit the mouth which rarely needs to bite. Thus, you will be less trouble such as falling fall or shoot the food out. Each map has breakfast from 3-4 pieces so you two can also call many to change their habits as well as explore each other in the day’s first dating.

The dim sum restaurants are not the casual dining area, so you will avoid noisy space, the idyllic conversation of two people will also experience less bother than. However, the price of the dim sum restaurant is quite high, if not including too much then you should consider carefully before choosing this option.

The roll foods

The rolls like noodle, fresh spring roll wrappers with the book … also have similar advantages is neat but quite easy to eat. You should also consider this buffet because it tastes familiar, don’t worry as to try a strange dish.

However, the downside is that the book dishes often served with a sauce so she should carefully when used, avoid flight profile stick out costumes, damage the ideal date.

Sweet cakes

Sweet cakes

To secure the most, perhaps the choice of a major is the sweet dishes. The first date, you do not necessarily have to pull the other half out the restaurant to eat a hearty breakfast before understanding the personality or have not really had enough excitement. Thus, a sweet party appointment will also quite interesting and reasonable in this case.

Their many tea cakes serve European-style. In some places, a little less quantity but not too hard to find. Enjoy the sweet light mousse cake pieces, pieces of cotton cake greasy, some macaroon lot or share a piece of cake cup of warm tea party cute hot will cause the first-day story meet smoothly.