5 Common Disease In Teeth

The hard tooth’s organization may be corroded by the acid. People who eat a lot of sour, acid pill, or work in an environment where many substances are very susceptible to corrosion.

In the workshops, the slightly acidic acid in the air in saliva and dental erosion of workers. Acid vapors irritate the lining of the nose should acquaint workers breathing by mouth, making teeth more easily exposed to acid. Tooth enamel becomes rough, balls and not have a brown stain, glaze fades, sore teeth when eaten hot, cold, sweet. Edge of seat worn teeth. Dentine openings into Brown, soft and worn, sometimes worn to benefit. A root canal doesn’t become inflamed because of secondary Chamber sealing tusks spinal cord. When the tooth was then amputated the drive affected teeth, gingivitis, inflammation around the teeth. To wear the teeth due to occupation, place of work need to be ventilated, mouthwash by alkaline arabica (3%).

The hurt saw in patients on medication there is acid. Smoking affects teeth after 3 months of taking the drug. The teeth may also be worn if eating more grapefruit sour, Orange, lemon, feed less calcium, hard food.

Goal crowns

5 Common Disease In Teeth onhows

At first, the only symptom is a small Groove near the neck. Place pepper crowns were bigger, the sick visit because Hey burning urination due to such stimulus or pain. The goal of teeth can be seen in both maxilla and mandible, gradually making bone marrow Chamber narrows, Crowns may be snapped.

Treatment: brushing by soft brushes, spot welding the tooth pepper.

Sweet tooth

Lesions begin in part between the two front teeth between the maxilla, lateral incisors, spread to the fangs. Can GAM both in the upper and lower milk molars. Mandibular milk incisors being GAM. Black dots in the yeast spread, tooth enamel being crushed, ivory black, tinted, gun s spread to the side broke crowns.

Treatment: Topical medications can make gun s growing teeth.

Lesions in teeth due to treatment with radiation rays

The young blood in the front u treatment by radiation rays will be vulnerable in the teeth, missing teeth, teeth are small, poorly developed jaw bones. In adults, the treatment of oral cancer, the jaw or the neck by radiation rays is hurting your teeth (usually one year). If the salivary glands in the radiation rays go through, patients often have no saliva, deep, first teeth incisors. Ancient teeth from yellow to black, enamel chips, ivory mủn, eventually broken teeth without pain.

Redundancy: redundant jaw bone necrosis due to radiation, the rays can do to protect chutes, extractions in the radiation rays go through good oral hygiene.

Discolored teeth

5 Common Disease In Teeth onhows

The teeth may be discolored brown gold in some genetic diseases or due to treatment with tetracycline at the teeth are sprouting. The teeth may be discolored due to the bacteria create hyperpigmentation (Brown, black).

Treatment: color Removal by chemical methods, covered by enamel composite.