The simple oral care methods

Although access to more modern methods but cavities, gingivitis … still, do not stop growing. This not only affects the aesthetic but also affect the health of the entire body. How to fix this situation?

Please implement the following methods:

Always flossing

This is necessary work before you brush your teeth with a brush. By flossing when you can get all the food scraps left on the teeth.

Not only has the teeth need cleaning

On your palate and tongue contain more bacteria than on the teeth. So the best method is brushing (including tongue and benefit) 2 times a day because the bacteria will double 12h.

The tea is very beneficial for your teeth

Gargle with water black tea helps prevent the formation of the white membrane in the teeth and the appearance of the acids that cause tooth decay. In addition, you can also gargle with green tea.

Note the effects of medications

You need to inform the doctor of dentistry all the drugs you’re using because these drugs may not be suitable for the dental medicine.

Make sugar-free chewing gum

The process to chew gum will secrete more saliva helps to neutralize the acid. Sugar-free chewing gum for about 20 minutes after eating method is effective against caries disease.

Just brushing just listening to music

Please turn on the radio or iPod and brushing while listening to music.

Supplemental vitamin C to protect benefits

1gam vitamin C a day will help destroy 1 Special bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Wait 30 minutes

Should not brush your teeth right after eating, because the sour fruit acids can damage tooth enamel, making teeth hurt and destroy.

Eat raisins

Scientists have found in raisins contain ingredients helps kill the bacteria in the oral cavity and Tartar that cause gum disease.

Please select cheeses and chocolates make appetizers

Cheese helps prevent Tartar very good when eaten at the end of the meal. Dark chocolate is very beneficial for the teeth because of dark chocolate contains fat that helps neutralize road.