What should chapped dry skin people eat?

When the weather turned up dry skin usually severely dry, chapped. Some people dry skin condition becomes severe, influencing health, activities. To improve the situation, note use of foods, drinking water, vitamin supplements tailored to overcome dry skin chapped winter cold.

What should chapped dry skin people eat

1. How to care for people with dry skin during the dry season ?

To improve dry skin, should have proper nutrition:

-People with dry skin should avoid these foods are spicy hot substances such as coffee, pepper, pepper …

-Every day eat a little lean meat, avoid eating too much fatty food.

-Should complement the food has more vitamin A in the diet daily as carrots, beef liver, eggs, fish oil …

-Eat more green vegetables, full of vitamin C supplements such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, watermelon, tomatoes … Vitamin C has the extremely important relationship with a healing of skin cracks, connects the small blood vessels.

-Eat these foods with unsaturated fatty acids such as barley sprouts, peanut oil, soybean oil, makes the skin slippery smooth.

-Eat more foods rich in iron content, helping to replenish the blood to the skin.

Regular water supply

Regular water supply

When the weather is turning cold, usually we no longer were “tortured” by the burning thirst as a summer stock but the amount of water supplied to the body, not less in the summer. Liquids filtering and fresh juices for cleansing the kidneys and provides full of vitamins for the skin, especially vitamin c. the amount of water needed and sufficient for the body is 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

The body is full of water supply will help maintain moisture balance necessary for the skin. Water also helps the skin healthy and capable of “self-defense” before the bad impact of the environment.

Prevent dehydration

Preventing dehydration is also a critical skincare step. Can use these products make up a lining to prevent the loss of water at the same time providing more moisture for the skin was a smooth and slippery stretch.

If the dry condition is severe then chappy after cleaning and softening the skin, can use some essential herbal extracts with moisturizing ingredients, anti-aging too quickly restore the damaged skin.

2. The good foods for people with dry skin in winter



Sesame provides many vitamins like E, B1, calcium … These substances make the skin become softer than in the dry season. With Sesame you may be processed into a variety of dishes, the most familiar is the Sesame salt to eat with rice or boiled vegetable dots the map.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts onhows.com

Cashew nuts are good sources of protein, also rich in vitamin E helps fight the harmful effects of the Sun. Vitamin E in nuts help the skin retain moisture and becomes more smooth.


Peanuts contain more vegetable oil, moreover, it is also nuts rich in vitamin B2 promotes digestion, making you feel more palatable. The eels so, in addition to providing moisture to the skin also helps the digestive system work better.


Eggs onhows

Eggs are also very good food for the skin in the dry. Winifred Egg yolks contain more vitamin E, antioxidant function and protect the natural elasticity of the skin. But very good, but you should not use it too much. By if eating more will cause bloating, indigestion.


Celery onhows.com

Celery is a vegetable rich in vitamin C, potassium, zinc … eating celery help the body easily absorbs calcium carbonate, diuretic, helps you eliminate many of the toxins in the body can cause the skin to become smooth.


Tomato onhows.com

The tomato is a fruit type works very good for health and beauty of your body. There’re enough tomatoes in most types of nutrients that the body needs. It has anti-aging effects, reduces fatigue, helps rejuvenate your skin, reduce stress, fatigue.


Carrot onhows.com

If your daily ration lacks vitamin A, you will see dry and chapped skin. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is not only good for the eyes but also as essential elements in the process of recovering the skin cells.


Beautiful shower contains many nutrients such as starch, protein, asparagine and vitamin c. this substance types help increase resistance to the body, helps the skin smooth. Sen is also drawn to foods can be processed into delicious dishes.