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Based on the principle of adjusting the calories that the body consumes everyday, there are countless different weight loss methods introduced such as diet, workout and using medication, etc. Have you known the most quick and effective weight loss method yet? Read our article to update right now five weight loss methods that people prefer in the world.

Five weight loss methods are preferred now

1. Applying science diet
The diet is the best weight loss method for girls who are unbalanced physique and obesity. In a science diet, you can lose up to 33 pounds quickly just one month without dropping any sweat. Therefore, many nutritional doctors over the world have studies thousands of weight loss diet menus such as Atkins Die, Enzyme, Clean Eating, etc. that dissipates quickly excess fat and return a slim physique for you.
You yourself can also create your own suitable diet by following instruction: if you want to reduce calories consumed everyday that means you are losing weight. One pound of food is equivalent to about 3,500 calories. To lose 1 pound/week, you only reduce 500 calories/day.
Instead of drinking carbonated soft drinks, you should drink more clean water everyday, instead of clamping two pieces of sausage and bread; you should only clamp one piece. It is very simple, isn’t it?

2. Drink fruit frappe to lose weight
Scientists have said that you can substitute some sub-meals by fruit frappe to lose weight effectively. All fruit frappes have the same features such as rich in protein, vitamins but low in calories, only 200-400 cal. They will help you lose weight effectively and safely.
Not only that, it is also a cheap weight loss method but its unexpected benefits is a lot such as stimulation of digestion, beautiful skin, eliminating causes of blood lipids.

3. Workout frequently to lose weight
You are probably familiar with it, the most popular weight loss method in the world. Daily workout not only helps you lose weight but also strengthens the flexible movement of body and improves health. If you are too busy and not enough time for prolonged workout, just try to move as much as possible and do exercise all time such as take stairs, stand up straight, walk during calling a phone. You should walk 2 minutes to relax muscles and consume substantial calories after every 30 minutes of work.

4. Join in a group of weight loss
This may sound odd but the nutritionist in Germany has published many research results that: “If you participate in a group of weight loss regime, the motivation to lose weight will increase many times over.” However, don’t forget to join in a group of weight loss to share the same purpose but you should go for eating alone. Because the fun party can leave you load more 3,000 calories in the body.

5. Sleep also help you lose weight
The most popular weight loss methods while sleeping include: get adequate sleep, turn off the light before sleep and reduce the room temperature. According to a United State America study, the sleep period greatly affects to hormone which controls appetite. People, who sleep less than 8 hours/night, tend often to eat more and less workout thereby leading to uncontrolled weight gain.
You should turn off all lights in bedroom and keep the temperature from 19 O C to promote weight loss process more than 7%. Melatonin hormone is produced when you sleep in fully dark and help the body increase the brown fat to burn calories.
This is also a weight loss method which is preferred by European people in 2015.

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