Skin care tips for skin types

For dry skin:
You should moisturize it in all seasons, do it everyday, because if you forget it in one the summer day, then it just need a chill wind gently blow also makes you uncomfortable cause of dehydrated skin.  You should also use night cream or other types of natural nourishing mask for skin rejuvenation.

Oily skin:
Oily skin necessarily use cleanser, a gel form cleanser definitely suitable for this skin type. it also needs moisturizing regularly and you should use rose water to help tighten the pores.

Combination skin:
This skin type does not exclude the general principle that is keep your skin clean and moisturize.  Using gel cleanser with green tea extract or cherry blossom is good. You should use face mask with honey or  eggs to make skin smooth and light.

Sensitive skin:
It’s always difficulty in caring this kind of skin, it is so sensitive so remember to test in advance when you find any kind of cleanse or cream…  You should cover up your face carefully when going out in the sun because the thin skin will absorb light very fast, which is harmful with your skin.

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