Protecting Your Face from UV rays

To prevent those crow feet and inevitable stress lines it’s important to introduce a formula strong in SPF into our daily regime. And with so many on the market, it’s hard to know what one is best for your skin type.
Now, most people when they think of sun-screen often have a horribly thought of a gloopy pore blocking nightmare, but believe it or not the shops are now full of good quality formulas, with most containing the recommended minimum 30 SPF.

Protecting Your Face from UV rays

Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins
The rays of the sun aren’t the only issue for those who live in the city, turns out pollution can be quite problematic to the overall beauty regimes, due to the pollutants absorbed through tge skin. But worry no more; Dr. Andrew has come to the rescue with a Mega-Defense serum that acts as barrier to block both the sun and the possibility of pollutants.  And at a hefty SPF 45, your skin will have ultimate protection whilst still feeling comfortable.

This SPF 50 sunscreen pairs up as a moisturiser, and only needs a thin layer of application to keep you looking fresh and radiant, as well as protected from the elements. This is a top choice for those with sensitive skin, given the fact that it’s a fragrance-free formula.

Radical Skincare
For those with oily prone skin, this is definitely one for you. As well as providing you win sun protection at SPF 30, it also has a mattifying effect when applied to the skin; a winner all round I think, and perhaps even a replacement to your everyday primer.

La Roche-Posay
Much like the formula offered by Radical Skincare, this product also helps to control the shine that is often a daily hassle to those with oily skin. This product in particular markets itself as a shine matte fluid, which is particularly unique in terms of its feather-like feeling upon application. This product has SPF 30 protection.

Dior’s take on the sun protection formula is somewhat different from its competitors, not only does it offer SPF 50 protection, it leaves the skin looking radiant due to its subtle luminous glow, making it a must-have holiday essential.

This formula is absolutely full of antioxidants, and is such a lovely texture and consistency that it’s hard to believe that it’s got SPF 30 protection.

Vitaman E, camellia oil, shea butter and SPF 30 protection; what’s not to love about this phenomenal facial formula?


This a must-have for those days where you just can’t be bothered to do your make-up. Due to its semi-sheer tint, this formula is not only great for protecting you from UV rays with its SPF 50, but can also be a doubled up as a foundation.

Chanel’s SPF 50 formula protects against light inside and out, with both UVA and UVB added protection. And because of its light milky texture it’s also a delight to apply.

This is a perfect product for beauty-savvy adventurers, with its SPF 30 protection, this formula creates barrier to the skin, meaning it not only blocks the sun, but is also perfect if you’re planning to go skimming or play sports.

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