Protect your eyes by 2 healthy soup

The vision you have signs of deterioration? Tips you 2 healthy soup according to Oriental medicine helps protect Windows soul!

Eye protection soup weekdays

Material: 150 g duck liver, vegetables need 50 g, 20 g, 50 g fresh mushroom Tremella fuciformis, fresh garlic, onions, ginger, cooking oil, salt, white wine just enough weight.

How to do it: Vegetables need cutting. Fresh fungus, Tremella fuciformis. Duck liver slice soaked white wine, salt.

Heat oil in 5 minutes, and then for the ginger, garlic, mushrooms, sauteed over the ear, just enough water to a boil. Then the liver, add spices, vegetables, boiling is required can be used.

Effect: Liver kidney Tonic, balm, bright eyes, strengthens the immune system. Consistent with the liver failure fuzzy eyes, looking uncertain, anemia leads to. This is also a very good eye protection soup for small children.

Eye care spinach soup

Material: 60 g pork liver or chicken liver ta 2g, 130 g spinach, salt, just enough cooking oil. The only problem, Bangkok, Orange frame, starting each kind of 15 g.

How: For 4 herbs in 1000 cc of water for 20 minutes for her to use. Pig liver cleanses thin pieces. Spinach washes, small track. Use at least oil aromatic fresh for astronauts, then for four smoking broths, pig liver, spinach on the boil, and add the spices taste.

Effective: Dietary liver, nourishing the blood, helps to brighten the eyes. Eating often can improve eyesight, and can treat anemia in young children.

The note in the daily activities:

Get enough sleep, about 7-8 hours with adults, and 8 hours or more with the children.

Maintain a balanced diet.

Contact with nature, enjoying the Sun. By the Sun can impact blood lead of the eye, causing the muscles and nervous system eyes are relaxed.

When seated working or studying should be a 15-minute, 5 minutes, avoiding the eyes have to work stress in the long run. At the same time, it should sit in the right posture, keeping the eyes the way books or papers 30 cm, and sure enough the light.

Should not read books in the places were shaken, by the eye will constantly have to change the refraction of glass able to adjust as appropriate, making quick eyes were tired, do decreasing eyesight.

The use of eye to learning too early before school age is not conducive to the development of the child's vision.

Preventing myopia should be starting when the eye is also good. Parents should educate children to consciously protect the eye from an early age. If the child suffers myopia, so therapy early, should not immediately wear glasses, or have surgery. At the same time, the need for reasonable time to rest, to avoid increasing the level of access.

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