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The appearance of the internet has boosted trade between the countries of the world in the new millennium. Exchanges which have led to several bank transfers in the world, hence the appearance of prepaid credit cards that proved very necessary and most practical in these transactions.

Indeed, the emergence of internet allowed to perform multiple actions in the world while staying at home. Actions that are characterized by purchases, sales, banking, trade and many other things.
Now you can make purchases or sales from the internet without moving. This is the objective of creating these prepaid credit cards. In fact, what is a prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card is a magnetic card that is not necessarily linked to a bank account and can be recharged with any amount (regardless of currency) according to a defined limit. There are several different types and ranges.
Thus, we distinguish the Visa cards and MasterCard which are types of credit card and are also used for debit and withdrawal. Both (Visa and MasterCard) are playing the same role. It’s very convenient for shopping and online sales on the internet. It can also be used to make cash withdrawals at any ATM and Automatic Ticket Dispenser (DAB).

Thus, it makes the daily lives of many people around the world easy, with easy access (purchase price accessible to all) and its use is really simple. Many banking transaction online (on internet) are made through prepaid credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). It also a great sign of security, that is to say, it avoids the holder to walk around with a big cash money bag and without fear of being robbed. Although it has many advantages, it also has some very significant disadvantages.
Indeed, the emergence of the Internet does not only have good sides; it is also used for shady people to rip off some users of this tool (Internet) by creating fake bank transaction platforms to extract information from simple people’s bank cards to withdraw all their money from their cards.Cards are somehow risky because one who is bearing a card should be very careful because if it is lost or if the user forget his code for instance, he won’t be able to use it anymore unless he called the related bank which will try to identify the card holders. And this situation has very often disturb some people for it has prevented them from doing their business or even made them miss some good opportunities.

In conclusion, prepaid credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) prove themselves as a necessary tool in online banking transactions (internet) in this new century, but it should be used with more caution and should be kept seriously. Besides, it is very important for people to use card because the advantages are numerous than the disadvantages. As the world is become a unique and common place where all trade and actions can be carried out through Internet, it is essential to have a credit card because it makes people get ahead of their payment or purchase with a very fast time limit.

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