Pay off your credit card(s) debt fast and easily with these easy steps

Credit card debt is one of those debts that one can’t seem to pay off completely. To many it’s a daunting task may be for you too. Many people feel exactly the same way. But don’t worry am about to show you a sure way of clearing your credit card debt and live a debt-free life.

Even if you have more than one credit card this procedure works for either one or more.

First, if you have more than one credit card I would suggest cutting up the rest and be left with one or two if necessary. Reason being. To reduce and not increase the debt in any way. Discipline is a virtue here.

Secondly, can you come up with at least an extra $100? This is quite possible no matter how hard you think it is. You see most people, you and I include, spend a considerable amount of money on unnecessary luxuries and products. Yes. Let’s face it we can all do (or go for a while) without the premium cable TV packages, six packs in the fridge, weekend parting, extra groceries (that end up in the bin) or even that (not so cheap) cup of coffee you like. Just think about the many things that you can forgo or find a cheaper alternative. There quite a number right? Yes, of course, they are which takes me to the third step.

You have decided to forgo some luxuries or may be even found cheaper alternatives and now you have an extra $100 (the more the better). What do you do with this extra cash? Well, it’s easy. You see on top of the minimum amount you pay on a monthly basis, add this extra cash to it. Why? This will ensure your debt is paid faster and within the shortest time possible since you will be paying the minimum amount together with an extra amount on the credit card debt.

Then if you have another credit card apply this extra cash to it. Do the same to another credit card you may have also and watch your life slowly but surely become debt-free.

What’s even better you can still use the same process to clear other debt you might have. Don’t worry about cutting off some luxuries that you enjoy. This is a sacrifice you have to make in order to live a happier and debt-free life. Don’t we all want that? Remember you can never increase your means while not living within your means. It’s just impossible.

But again, this procedure will only produce results if a high level of discipline is observed. Since it would be useless to clear the debt on one side and accumulate more on the other. You will still be left with a hole. So while undertaking this, control your spending, no, control yourself. Most purchases have cheaper alternatives and if not, they can still postpone them.

There you go. Follow this simple steps to clear your credit debt and more. What’s more, when all your debt has been cleared you will still have that extra cash which you can then focus on investing and create multiple sources of income. Would that be nice? Sure! So what are you waiting for? Go start planning how to completely but comfortable clear your credit card debt.

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