How to take care of your acne Skin

What causes acne?

First, to apply the right method, you need to find the cause of acne. According to researches, the causes of acne are:
– Sensitive skin type: like oily and combination skin.  These skin types is really difficult to handle, so you have to know what type of skin you have.
– Because of hormonal increases sebum clog the pores causing acne. When the pores are not ventilated and clean, the bacteria are active and causes acne.
– Bad environment, eating hot food, alcohol, drink less water or simply not properly taking care of the the. This can be prevented easily with a little bit more of your attention.
– Self squeeze acne with bare hand, this can cause infections. Our hands, especially nails is where bacteria hidden, so  when you touch the skin, bacteria will aggressively attack.

How to care for acne effectively and safely

1- Know your skin type
Most of acne skin is of oily or combination type, so you should choose a suitable cleanser (gel extracted from green tea, aloe vera, …), do not wash your face more than 2 times / day. Select the appropriate type of acne cream and efficiently, using the correct dosage.

2- Always moisturise the skin and suitable care regime
Besides using cream, you must moisturise and provide nutrients to the skin. For example, if the night you use acne cream, then the next noon you can use face mask. Then you can use collagen gel or rose water in the afternoon.

3- Always keep your skin clean.
As always, remember to keep your skin clean.

4- Absolutely not squeeze pimples.
Try not to squeeze acne with your bare hand.  Try to go to the doctor, they know what to do.  Or you can do at home, but remember to choose a proper tool and do it gently.

5- Provide enough water and nutrients to the body.
During acne treatment you try to eat nutritious and drink plenty of water. Eat more vegetables to let your body get adequate supply of vitamins.

So with these skin care tips are most effective acne on here, hope you will quickly eliminate obnoxious pimples and regain perfect beauty of your skin.

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