How to prevent acne scars before they form

Solutions to prevent the risk of scar formation on the skin is to reduce the amount of acne floating or reduce the progression of acne with topical medication and medication if necessary.

It is also important to take care of acne skin before they come to the problem. Frequent acne breakouts are the main cause of scarring and scarring on the skin, especially with acne inflammation. Here is how to prevent acne scars:

Stage 1: When you feel signs of acne


The majority of patients with mild acne and other infections are indicated for appropriate dosing. The drug may be an antibiotic applied to tretinoin (or a relative to it). In addition, medications that help regulate endocrine can be considered to help regulate hormones, balance the process of sebum.

However, you are not allowed to buy and use acne creams of unknown ingredients, manufacturers, labels, unlicensed products, because these products can cause side effects, harm. Your skin. Use products that contain proven acne treatment ingredients under the supervision and supervision of dermatologists such as benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, salicylic acid or sulfur, antibiotics, ...

Also remember to avoid exfoliating too many times a day and wash your face too many times a day. This can cause skin damage, layers of natural oils on the skin are removed, causing the skin to dehydrate, stimulating acne grows.

Stage 2: When you are faced with acne growing everywhere

At this absolute you do not mold acne and touch the face. Because the skin is very vulnerable, the infection spreads. You also should not go for acne or get acne in sites where there is no infection control procedure where there is no dermatologist advice.

The harm that arises from relieving or exacerbating acne is that it causes deep infection inside the skin and spreads to the surrounding tissue, leading to more intense inflammatory reactions. As a result, blemishes get deeper and deeper, and acne scars develop in forms that are bad and difficult to recover.

One thing to remember is that when acne still need to apply sunscreen. Because an inflammatory site of sun exposure causes hyperpigmentation, which leads to darker skin and worse scars. You should choose a type with an SPF of about 30 does not contain "oil-free noncomedogenic sunscreen".

Stage 3: When acne begins to deteriorate in size and level

When you see scabs start to scab, let them grow old and scaly themselves. Do not scrape off the skin as possible to leave a deep stain.

You can apply a layer of bright white creams or products that limit the formation of pigmentation, whiten the skin, reduce the darkness of the bruise, especially if your skin is burnt due to acne. You also have to choose genuine products, licensed by the authorities.


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