How to cleaning with used tea bags

If you have a daily drinking tea habit, you must have a lot of used tea bags, right?  Don’t throw them away just yet, we will show you how to cleaning with used tea bags.

Shiny mirror
No need chemical detergents for cleaning your mirror, you just need to wet black tea bag and rub over the surface, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Tea’s tannic acid will gently remove dirt, keep the mirror shiny.

Remove grease for dishes
Surely you’ve used all kinds of dishwashing liquid made from green tea, right? So did you ever think about using “real” tea to help wash the dishes?  The fact is you definitely can, just soak those dirty plates in warm water with two used tea bags, you can remove the stains without the use of any chemical cleaners anymore. Not only oil, tea also helps to remove many stains on dishes.

Soak used tea bag in water then you use this mixture for watering plants.  This water-tea mixture will help the plant avoid fungal infection.  Alternatively, you can compost tea residue into the soil or fertilizer to plant, this would help to increase soil nutrients and helps plants grow faster.

Clean and deodorize

  • Refresh furniture, clean glass furniture
    Also use the water-tea mixture to clean and shiny coating of wood flooring or furniture in your home. Similarly, use a soft cloth to wipe up the windows, glass doors out on, or any glass surface, mirror in the house, the tea will return a polished appearance for glass and glass items.
  • Carpet deodorizer
    You can use the tea bags used to clean and deodorize the carpets.  Save those used tea bag in a cup of water, plac in the refrigerator to keep them from damage until you have sufficient amount needed to cover the whole surface of your carpet need to be cleaning.  Then open tea bags for the dry leaves to dry, but not too dry, try to keep them moist but not too wet. Sprinkle the tea leaves on the surface of the carpet and wait until they dry completely. Then use a vacuum to vacuum or brush to sweep them away.  And now you will only smell the tea instead of unpleasant odors from your carpets.
  • The fresh air
    Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the dry tea bag and hang them in the room to have fresher air. When the scent disappears, simply add a few drops of essential oil.  Tea leaves help absorb odors in the air, essential oil helps the air fragrant.

Neutralize odors household items
Similar to the cleaning and deodorizing the carpet, you can also use the tea bag to remove odors in indoor items: such as trash cans, jars, bottles are not used for a long time. Put the used tea bags into a bowl of water, put them in the fridge to keep fresh smell. Then when you, dry them a bit then use the tea leaves to cover the bottom of the trash to remove the odor, or put in the old jars.

Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to the tea bags, hang them in front of your doors or windows will help prevent insects to enter your house, not only that, the smell of mint will make sense of your home always fresh.

Removes odors in shoes
For those sweating feet, the shoes will need deodorant immediately.  Simply put the used tea bags into the shoes, if not make shoes become fragrant,but at least they will absorb the existing odors.

But keep in mind that tea only kept in one day in room temperature, but you can keep them in a certain time in the refrigerator (because tea is also food). Therefore, before using,  just smell the smell of tea, if still scented tea, it good to go, otherwise leave them off.

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