How to accurately recognition your Skin type

Recognize the face by observing
The night when you sleep, you can leave the skin naturally and sleep through the night. The next morning when you wake up if you see

Dry skin
Dry surface, when you run your fingers over the face if you don’t feel any oil in the tip of your fingers then you are the type of dry skin. Therefore you should use moisturizer for your skin so it not cracked in the dry season.

Oily skin
By looking in the mirror you see greasy face, touching your finger on the skin, you’ll have a feeling like touching fat. So you kind of oily skin, oily skin usually easier to get acnes , much sweat, big pores. This skin type should have special care regime and demanding because when the skin easy to get dirt and very picky on cleansers and cosmetics.

Normal skin
If you have normal skin type, then congratulations.  The skin is usually not greasy nor dry, soft skin.  This type always easy to makeup, and also not usually has acnes.

Sensitive skin
With this skin type morning wake up is normal, but you notice when you go under the sun, the skin gets red very fast, thin skin, easily irritated with weather and cosmetics or pollen, dust … Sensitive skin is often soft but thin. How to care for sensitive skin is also quite demanding and difficult to use cosmetics.

Combination skin
A lot of people have this kind of skin type, and often has oily skin in the forehead, chin and nose but dry cheeks. This skin type has large pores in oily part and easy to get acnes.

Tip recognize facial type with oil blotting paper
This is a accurate facial recognition and classification of any areas on your face. You can easily buy oil blotting paper in the cosmetics store.
You wash your face and leave it for about 1 hour. For oil blotting paper on the place where you want to test, usually for at the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, nose flanks.

Tips on distinguish skin by blotting results on oil
Dry skin:
Oil absorbent paper does not get wet or spotted only a few small places with less oil as the needle if scrutiny. Dry skin care is difficult in winter because with the dry weather, dry skin easily gets cracked.

Normal skin:
Skin often does not have so much oil stick on the paper and often smooth skin, tighten pores, and often very beautiful makeup.

Oily skin:
Oily skin often wet the paper and skin on the face has more oil. People with oily skin often lose confidence due to shiny skin and large pores.  This kind of skin is usually difficult to makeup and much sweat.

Combination skin:
Skin is often mixed with oil on both sides of the nose wings, nose, forehead and chin, and cheeks stay dry. This skin type is often difficult to select the appropriate cream or cosmetics because if not careful will cause acne and rashes. Combination skin is also prone to relieve allergy cosmetics.

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