Helpful tips for packing when travelling

Make use of all kinds of boxes, old bottles, baby size as the bottle, candy box … for containing toothpaste, hair pins are a little know-how to help you reduce packing time headache of going away.
One of the fears that people often encounter when traveling is packaging, how fully fit but still compact. Vanity and personal hygiene includes a lot of small and petty things but you still want to carry.

Refer some useful tips below:
1. Use a straw to hold skin care products if you travel a few days.
2. Open Ratings widgets manicures in glass containers.
3. Make use of metal type paper clip to wrap razor head for safety.
4. Do not necessarily buy new soap when traveling, you can give piece of soap is used at home in a small pocket to preserve clean along with the other animals.
5. Toothpaste can give to a bottle of eye drops to take away compact and easier to use.
6. Make use of contact lens containers to store leftover cosmetics such as foundation.
7. Finished the bag towel toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste … would be very handy to go
anywhere when you just scroll back in the backpack.
8. Place the blotting paper or cotton makeup box to avoid broken mirror inside.
9. Use an empty bottle for containing cotton swab ear, quantity enough time for your travel.
10. Keep a box for storing Lollipops has all hair pins.

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