Giving death the cold shoulder.

Time is claimed to be the ultimate enemy by numerous people, limiting freedom to a certain extent. However, time perfects humankind as well as destroys it.

Giving death the cold shoulder

Recently I took a compelling walk through the generations of humankind, assessing the world and life altering discoveries. I mused over the fact of how from simple studies of matter, people managed to fill out massive books now being studied worldwide. Telling the new generation that their greatest grand parents died at the age of 30 would leave them gaping at you. It is unheard of nowadays especially in third world countries for a person to die at such a young age. Of course, I am dislodging unfortunate accidents or despicable attacks. A lot of time was invested in medical studies throughout the generations as to assert a longer lifetime. Yet, whilst science is expanding, nature keeps altering. Scientists thus, have a bigger challenge to face than we may think. In fact, new mutations are augmenting and curing certain diseases is posing to be more time consuming than ever before. Sustaining health requires time but sadly so, this never appears to wait. What if we could press pause for a moment in our life and get the chance to press play when a cure is asserted? The new Timeship building in Texas may be the answer to our prayers. This building will be a massive center for cryopreservation, a center of hope in the eyes of researchers and people who thrive on the idea of immortality. Cryopreservation involves freezing bodies at very low temperatures in hope to bring the body back to life in the future. By then scientists ought to have found the cure for the particular diseases and could help the patient once the body is revived. This is all based on the assumption that reviving the body after cryopreservation is actually plausible. Cryopreservation is providing time for science to evolve and pursue a way of achieving this. It is estimated that it will take profuse years for these frozen bodies to be revived. By that time scientists have credulity that bodies can be created synthetically. Giving that most people nowadays have a long lifetime, when they die their body would have aged. Scientists thus, give the opportunity for people to freeze only the part of the body redeemed as most valuable; the head. According to cryogenics, by the time the body can be revitalized, scientists will be able to synthesize a whole new body.

Stephen Valentine, the renowned architect of Texas Timeship, states in ‘New Scientist’ that this innovation is plainly, ‘taking people to the future’. That would be rather fascinating but the doubt still stands among people; Can this be truly achieved? Maybe not but that lingering hope is giving people the chance to consider all the possibilities which will emerge if yes, this does in fact succeed. In such a case, cryogenics would prove to be life altering giving the advantage of sustaining health yet it may have a negative implication on morality. This may lead to appalling results. As a consequence, cryogenics is receiving a lot of gunshots especially when a lot of money is being allotted to that sector.

Scientists find this ironic considering the amount of medicine spent prior the idea of cryopreservation on asserting the continuation of life.

At the time being the world of cryogenics is still foggy for our common eyes. Keeping healthy is the safest bet to a longer comfortable life. Eat healthy, keep fit, drink water and enjoy life. We have yet to know what is to come. Giving someone the cold shoulder never seemed to have ended well. Dare we play with death? Than again what do we have

to lose?

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