Furnishing with traditional Shibori dyed fabric of Japan

Fabric dyed with shibori dyeing techniques of Japanese traditional is coming back and become a new trend.

A popular way to dye fabric shibori applications into the bedroom is using them for the gas blanket. You can use pillowcases, bedspreads and blankets. Because most of the fabrics used to dye composition of natural fibers such as silk, thigh, silk, cotton, 100% cotton fabric … so you can completely satisfied with the quality of use.
Dyed fabric is a smart choice for bedrooms.  Made mostly natural fabrics dyed shibori should always keep an open and comfortable in use.  You can use the shibori dyed fabric for blankets, bedspreads and pillow covers.  With high adaptability, this fabric can be afraid to meet diverse interior decoration. At the same time, this is a neutral fabrics can be used for both women and men arbitrary room.  Pillowcases with shibori dyed fabric better absorb sweat are also low, giving you the deep sleep, the most pleasant.

Living room
Similar to the use in the bedroom, you can use this shibori dyed fabrics for upholstered chairs and sofa in the living room. Seat cushions with fabric dyed shibori pretty sure will make them stand out from the living room space. By staining techniques such as how to fold, tie, braces fabric, dyed fabric shibori method you countless interior decoration different. Therefore, you can unleash creativity without fear of repetition, idle bored.  Not only used for bedrooms, shibori dyed fabric was also brought to the living room furniture.  Shibori upholstered chairs are one of the top choices for you.  Shibori dyed fabric sofa eagle makes your room becomes patent.  Seat cushions upholstered in fabric shibori dyeing help them stand out more space between the living room.

Shibori dyed fabrics will be impossible to miss the kitchen space with tasks such as tablecloths. It would be great to enjoy the food on the tablecloth with unique patterns are created by traditional dyeing more than 1300 years of Japan.  The kitchen is also an area in the house could not absent a beautiful piece of shibori dyed fabric.  The tablecloth with vivid textures makes your meal becomes more interesting.

Curtains, carpets
You will own the frames, novelty, unique with shibori fabric. With white and indigo colors are dominant, you should choose light-colored cloth, indigo taken as textures to not make the room too dark space when in use. In contrast with the cloth coverings shibori dyeing, you should choose the color indigo sheets because they are difficult to catch dust.

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