Food and drink you should avoid before bedtime

Losing a good sleep might results to unwanted weight gain and affects your productivity the next day. Scrolling up and down on your mobile phones and laptops every night are not the only reasons why you can’t have a good quality of sleep. It turns out that the way you choose your food on dinner could also be a big factor. Yes, there are foods that can help you gain energy and be more productive but there are also foods and snacks that can help you gain a perfect sleep.


Chocolate onhows
Chocolates have been a good thing for all of us especially when you’re having a bad time, satisfying your cravings and as a dessert after your rice meal. Not only chocolates contain high sugar and fats, there is also caffeine on it that can increase your arousal and prevent you from having the good sleep you’re always dreaming of.


Coffee onhows
I know this is a little obvious that you can’t drink coffee on the night if you want to have peaceful night. But if you drink it to stay awake in the middle of the night to finish a presentation for the next day you might think about it. Coffee just doesn’t work for a couple of hours, it might take you 5 to 8 hours just to digest and urinate the coffee you intake.

Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods
These are good when you’re trying to recover and increase your metabolism. It is not advisable to intake spicy foods before bed time because it increases your metabolism and your body’s core temperature. Naturally our body decreases from the time we are going to sleep; it is not advisable to eat spicy as it will increase your core temperature that will results to staying awake.


You might want to think twice before you satisfy yourself from pizza cravings every night. Because eating a slice or two of pizza will leave you tired the next morning that will surely affect your productivity. The combination of meat, cheese and tomato sauce of a pizza can trigger acid reflux that will cause you awake for a several times in the night. Also, pizza contains a lot of fat that will leave your tummy heavy for the rest of your night.


It is only recommended to drink a lot of glasses of water in the day to keep hydrated rather than night. Drinking a lot of water before bed time might keep you awake for a lot of times to urinate. That we don’t want to happen, so you better think twice if you’ll bring a tall glass of before in your bedroom.


Meat onhows
This is very popular on your night’s meal – a cup of rice and meat. Dinner won’t be dinner if you don’t have meat on your table. But eating a heavy meat meal might increase the level of your fats and your tummy might take a lot of time just to digest the meat you ate. So, the next time you’re planning to have a heavy meat meal think about it.

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