A Brand New Successful Weight Loss Strategy

Summary: Obesity has dominated our lives for many generations. It is a renowned problem that is not only local but a global endemic as well.

This ongoing health problem has affected the lives of countless individual even small children. For decades, our lifestyles have contributed to our weight gain dilemma. While many drugs created daily have worked for some people, others have relied on well planned diet and targeted exercises to help tackle their weight loss issues.

However, while some may find it easier than others to lose weight others eventually succumbs to the temptation and reverts back to their old unhealthy eating habits, thus making it impossible to shed the excess weight.

A new study that was recently released documented the decisive and positive influence online counselling has on those who are actively searching for advice on how to not only lose the excessive pounds but also effective ways of keeping it off.

Researchers at the University of Southampton stated that online tools and counselling evidently plays a vital role in encouraging those who are battling the obesity endemic. Independent studies have shown that nearly a quarter of the population in developed countries suffers from life threatening diseases resulting from excessive weight gain. Some of the most documented diseases include heart conditions, type 2 diabetes as well as other debilitating illnesses and joint problems.

Nonetheless, while several people can remedy the problem with a well-balanced diet, medications and an increase of physical activities, others lacked the capacity as well as a good source of sustainable motivation that will help them achieve satisfying weight loss results.

Additionally, Dr Paul Little a professor at the primary care research centre at the university developed an online program; Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR)+. This program helps participants who are trying to lose weight, maintain a daily average of one kilo over a period of one year. People on the program were able to adhere to this weight loss trend along with others use the program temporarily.

The program essentially offers online intervention with the help of a practical nurse, who teaches self-regulation and cognitive behavioural techniques to the participants. Furthermore, it assist members to develop long-term sustainable lifestyles that incorporate several healthy mechanisms required for effective weight loss success.

During the phases of the study, POWeR+ patients were able to lose extra weight, with a lot less effort and in a healthy manner as compared to those who did not take part in the POWeR+ program.

Professor Little who was recently interviewed about his successful program, said that with the increasing number of patients, and a limited trained staffs, even with time constraints he had made the personal counselling experience a little more intense. In addition, he also stated that with results seen from the program, obesity linked health problems are preventable if implemented by the NHS. Additionally, he pointed out that the interventions administered online could save the health sector millions of dollars annually.


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