5 tips for ultrafast charging your phone while traveling

With smartphones, the most “battery consumer” are wifi and radio. So when you want to recharge quickly, you should turn off these applications by turning the phone into airplane mode.
Keep your phone with longer battery energy is really a challenge, it is even more difficult when you’re traveling, especially now need to find a way to use your phone or music player, recreation … Usually it takes a few hours clock to refill the batteries for the phone, but if do not have much time, you should refer to the 5 tips fast battery charging below:
1. Charging is faster with socket than connect with computer
Fast battery charger is not synonymous with the short battery life. The important thing to remember is do not charge by plugging your phone to the laptop, that way always takes more time, but makes the battery life shorter.

2. Use the charger with higher amperage
IPhone 6 charger has an intensity of 1 amp. If you want faster charging, can use a charger provides more power, such as the iPad charger 2.1 amp. This method does not damage your phone by actually a high power charger also provides the right amount of power that the device needs. It is important to choose good quality charger will help you save considerable time. However, if using a 0.5 amp USB charging port for charging iPhone 6, you will be lying in wait all day long, even if your phone is not charging anything.

3. Use rechargeable backup battery
Some backup charger allows you to recharge the battery faster than normal phone. Pronto eg charger, just 5-15 minutes to fully charge the battery is sufficient for an iPhone 5. You also can recharge from 3 to 9 times more so with backup charger is plugged in charging 1 hours.

4. Place the phone in airplane mode
Batteries used to run all applications on smart phone, application like wifi and radio are considered the most consuming energy. So to charge the phone faster, turn off all applications by switching to airplane mode (flight mode). In case you still want to receive calls and messages when charging, just disable mobile data and wifi.

5. Do not let the screen at high brightness
Another reason for the battery to drain faster is screen brightness. So, stop routine open off the phone to check the battery percentage while charging. This small act continuously repeated that the situation will only become worse and no benefit at all.

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